From the sick mind of Spage

Who is Luke ?

Luke is a plumber.  Due to some problems during the miniaturization phase, Luke was trapped inside an Apollo 8 module and now, he can no longer get out To survive he is forced to accept jobs that no one would like to do. Its main task is to go underground to do maintenance work on the city sewers. Fortunately, his skill is recognized all over the world and therefore …. wherever there is a sewer

The Glass Prison

The Glass Prison. Ricordi il cubo di Rubik? Sognavi di finirlo ma dovevi arrenderti alla dura realtà ? Sei rimasto con la voglia? Prova ‘125’ ma….scordati di finirlo. Ti sognerai la notte ogni possibile mossa per arrivare a posizionare tutti i 125 cubetti. Proud to announce our first release! It’s Now available on MICROSOFT STORE, for XBOX one and WIN10. download here:


The answer is on the picture above! As old c# developer i had the opportunity do start that marvellous journey using my previous knowledge and passion for beautiful and portable code.